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29 - November - 2017

What do we know about Spain?

- Firstly, your invaluable physical heritage. Due to its geographical location, the Iberian Peninsula has always been a bridge of cultures between Europe,
Africa and the Mediterranean; having been inhabited by Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Visigoths, Muslims etc. all of who have left great traces at both the archaeological level and architectural, all adding to the amount of natural resources.

- Geographically its privileged position makes it the link between Europe and Africa, having close diverse religious and cultural possibilities to visit. This geographical location makes Spain a country with an enviable climate, in which you can enjoy magnificent summer temperatures that allow you to enjoy all its coasts during many months of the year. In the winter you find an average of 18ºC, a temperature that allows you to continue enjoying any outdoor activity. Its orography offers a large amount of diverse activities, from bathing on beaches and in dream coves to skiing in two of the highest peaks in Europe (Aneto and Mulhacén).

- On the other hand, its gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet, which offers a great diversity of products that are also healthy, such as fruits and vegetables, olive oil, wine, meat and fish amongst many others. This allows the creation of unique and delicious recipes. A good diet is synonymous with both quality and longevity of life.

These are just some of the characteristics that make Spain the ideal destination for Life lived in a healthy and relaxed way.